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Labour Day Weekend Sale

15 to 40% off everything storewide. 3 days only, making way for all our new product due in.


New Clearance Bin Section

Check it out here for fabulous bargains, while stocks last.


Technique Class Examples

Here are some samples from a New Technique Class using texture pastes, modelling creams, pigment inks and Inka Gold.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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Thank you to all of you that attended our Demo day.    I will be holding another one very soon (with better notice) for all of you who emailed me with your disappointment at not being able to attend.

All samples are made by some who made it to the day. They had hands on experience with the Viva Decor Products and Ranger Industries new Texture Paste and were mastering the use of Stencils Palette Knives and Mediums.

We were very impressed with the Ranger Texture Paste it handles beautifully and  gives very fine detail. If you have never used texture pastes before, this is the one to use.  Unlike most texture pastes it is inkable.


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Viva Decor Ferro Metal Effect – Extremely textured, gritty and two toned. It is very important to tightly seal the jar for future use. Use with a strong Palette knife.

Viva 3D Stamp Paint Textured Color with a rich large grain look to the finished effect.  Use a Spouncer or sponge to apply this product

Precious Metal Color – Smooth molten Color with high coverage.


image008 image001

Viva Decor Inka-Gold A creamy rub that comes in many colors. Apply this with a brush rubbing in circular motions rub with your fingers after you have applied it to your project if needed.



Viva Modelling Paste use with a very soft flexible  palette knife like the Dina Wakley Media Palette Knife.  In these samples the ladies have combined the Modelling Paste colors.

image006 image00520141021_192249_HDR20141020_161108_HDRIf any of you want to call in and have a go we are set up for demos at 4 Aranui Drive, Papamoa.

07 572 0595





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We are holding an open, demo day so that you can get hands on with some of our products. Viva Decor will be featured heavily. Dianne will be doing  demos and you can get some hands on experience with the product.

This is a free open day. Gather up your friends and come have a play. :)

You can come anytime between 1030am and 6pm.


Sorry the newsletter mentioned the Demo day but we did not tell you when. Jason hasn’t had enough sleep with the new baby and sent a draft instead of the correct final newsletter 😛


Jason & Dianne

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In anticipation of the finishing of the Tim Holtz Staeampunk Folio project the Viva Decor products which are featured heavily throughout the project are on sale.
Examples of the modeling past are used below by using the Tim Holtz Rays Stencil. The first is gold and second Burgundy

The Ferro Metal Effects and 3d Stamp Paint by Viva Decor is also used for the background and writing stenciling on the cover.

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We have in store now.

  • Tim Holtz products including new mini Distress Inks, Vellum
  • Crafters Workshop Stencils
  • Ranger Texture Paste and Fude Ball Pens

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And more..
Tim Holtz Large Folios are back in stock.


Dianne & Jason